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Canadian Small Buisness Week

Canadian Small Business Week: October 15 - 20                   Picture1

Did you know that in 2011, 98% of businesses in Canada had fewer than 100 employee and 75% had fewer than 10 employees. Over 5.1 million Canadians worked for small enterprises. As well, 2.67 million Canadians were self-employed.

  • Are you a small business owner?
  • Thinking of expanding or starting your own business?
  • Looking for up-to-date and relevant information to help you make informed choices?

We can help!

The library has a variety of resources to help you with your plan.



Business Plans







Legal Guides





Ask us and we can help you find it!

Celebrate Canadian Library Month


Hello and Happy Canadian Library Month!

I’m very excited to be staring my new job as your new Chief Librarian. My first week has been hectic but the library staff, volunteers and board have been very patient (answering all of my many questions), helpful and welcoming. I look forward to meeting library and community members over the coming months.

Canadian Library Month is an opportunity to celebrate libraries across Canada and their important contributions they make to Canadian life.

This year’s theme Libraries Connect/ Bibliothèques Branchées, highlights the role libraries play in connecting individuals and communities to a world of ideas, and providing a place to meet, learn, discover and grow.

Drop by the library and find out how we can help you connect!

Tracey Therrien

Chief Librarian

Upcoming & Ongoing Library Events:

  • Wednesdays: 11:00-12:00, Bouncing Babies & Books for babies under 2 1/2
  • Fridays: 10:30 - 11:00, Story Time Fun for kids 3-5 years old
  • Sat. Oct. 13th: 1:00 - 4:00, Graphic Novel workshop with Clint Budd, Tarol Hunt & Steve Rolston
  • Wed. Oct. 17th: 6:00 - 7:30, Women's Writing Workshop, fall session vignettes, write your stories with Lynda K.
  • Sat. Oct. 20th: 2:00 - 2:45, Halloween Magic with Heather/Youth Activity
  • Wed. Oct. 24th: 6:00 - 7:30,Slide show of travels in China with Tom Roberts, local teacher, retiree and world traveler

Money Skills Financial Literacy Program

New five week adult education program dedicated to increasing financial knowledge and money moneyskillsmanagement skills!

Learn more about budgeting, banking, credit and consumerism, and how to apply this information to make the most of your financial decisions.

These are free sessions but you must reserve a place.

PLACE: Gibsons & District Public Library
DATES: 5 consecutive Wednesday nights
May 2, May 9, May 16, May 23, May 30
TIME: 6:00 to 7:30 p.m.

Space Limited Call the Library to Reserve | RSVP: 604 886 2130

Note: Attendance at all sessions is critical to learning.

Sponsored in partnership with:

  • Sunshine Coast Credit Union
  • Community Resource Centre
  • Sunshine Coast Community Services
  • Family Services of Greater Vancouver
Many people have been asking us, "What is the difference between the BiblioCommons catalogue and the Classic version of the catalogue?"

The classic or Sitka version is the one you’ve grown to know and, well, know.  You enter your keyword into the search field and up pop the books that are located in the Gibsons and or Sechelt library collections. Or, you log into your account and check your due dates and place a couple of holds.  Neat, tidy, simple.

The BiblioCommons version is a whole different animal.  BiblioCommons falls into the big frontier of Web 2.0 or in this case Library 2.0.

Don’t leave yet, this blog is just about to get excitingly techie.

Library 2.0 is a user-centered virtual community. It is a socially rich, open electronic space. Where users interact with and create resources with one another and with librarians. In some ways, it is a virtual reality for libraries, a Web manifestation of the library space.

Here are a few concrete examples to illustrate how BiblioCommons is different from the traditional (read old fashioned) version of the catalogue.

1.    Let’s say you can't remember if you've read a certain title before (no, you’re not getting old, you just have too many things to remember).
BiblioCommons can help you keep track of which titles you've “Completed” and which ones you are saving “For Later”. You might even decide you no longer need your paper list!

2.    Perhaps your spelling is as atroshish (atrocious) as mine is…
Get rid of your pocket dictionary.  If you give it  your best guess, BiblioCommons will do the rest. Using BiblioCommons' 'did you mean' helper, your misspelled words won't stand in the way of a good search.

sick dog

3.    Does the idea of finding a new author give you a stomach ache?  
Well, who better to give reading advice than people who love to read? Search for your favourite book and then browse through lists that like-minded readers have created. Who knows, you might find your next favourite book in the process.

4.    Do you love to talk about books, but your spouse / child / dog tunes you out?
In BiblioCommons you can create a list of your favourites, what you're reading this year, etc. and help to build the BiblioCommons community.

5.    Did you find the last book you read was "the absolute best" or "a real stinker"?
No matter your opinion, you can share it. Sharing can be as simple as adding a Star Rating. Perhaps you have more to say about a title?  No problem, there is also a place to add your Comment.

mood ringRemember mood rings? With BiblioCommons you can find a title to match your mood

Everyone has days when a certain type of movie / book / music is needed. In order to help you find something to fit your mood, try Search by Tag in BiblioCommons. People like you have added tags such as "tear jerker", "thrilling", or "warm and fuzzy" that may just help you in your search.

And yes, if you add your own tags to items and you will once again help to build the community.

Not too techie after all.  I can even sum it all up: BiblioCommons transforms the Gibsons Public library’s OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue) from a searchable inventory system into an interactive, “social discovery environment.”

Try it, you may like it!

A look back at March

six servantsPenny Allport packed the Mainil Room @the Library when she led a group in discovering “The Six Servants: Story Telling and Experiential Inquiry.
This was the second visit from Penny and the attendees raved about the presentation.

Coast String FiddlersSt. Patrick’s Day at the Library was a toe-tapping, tea-drinking, music loving extravaganza!  The picture's worth a thousand words. The “wee G-3” Coast String Fiddlers  kept visitors entertained and smiling.

And the Arbutus Sounds Chorus kept the music flowing (along with the tea). Folks settled in with a piece of soda bread, a cup of hot tea and were pleasurably serenaded by the choir. How Sweet it Was!

Many thanks to Starbucks, Super-Valu and Truffles for the donations to the St. Patrick’s Day treats and tea party ...

st paddy'sSt Paddy's Day

…and thanks to all who wore the green!
The Library recently joined forces with Capilano University to co-host the Capilano Universe Lecture Series. The topic for the lecture held Jhangiani@the Library on March 14 was “The Psychology of Genocide.” The presentation by Dr. Rajiv Jhangiani, was educational, psychologically enlightening, highly interactive, and culminated with an intense Q&A session.

The Gibsons Library plans to host additional topics from the Lecture Series in late fall.

Further information at Capilano Universe Lecture Series

(l. to r.: Dean J. Bennet Cap U., Board Member, F. Lerner, Gibsons Library, Raj Jhangiani, Professor, Cap U., Jules Smith)

Upcoming March Events

March 3rd & 21st – April 14th – May 12dog

Love to read? Share the love…@ the Library.

Book Lovers Wanted for a Reading Circle @the Library. Have you read any good books lately? Do you want to talk about them? Join us @ the Library to talk about your latest good book with other book lovers. Get out of the rain and come into the Library on Saturday afternoons; bring your book and share your thoughts with other avid readers. Questions and RSVP’s: Call Lynda @ the Library 604 886 2130.

March 14 @ the Library.

The Psychology of Genocide.

jhangianiJoin Capilano University’s

Rajiv S Jhangiani for this exciting CapilanoUniverse presentation.

Wednesday, March 14, 6:00pm – 7:30pm

Gibsons & District Public Library

The psychology of good and evil: What does it take to become a perpetrator of genocide? Why would someone risk their own life to save that of a complete stranger? Are the murderer and the saint really that different from each other? Weaving together insights from contemporary psychological science, this talk will focus on some of the common pathways and psychological processes that underlie the behavior of those who exhibit the worst as well as the best of human nature. Capilano Universe Lecture Series presents Rajiv Jhangiani, Ph.D., author, professor and presenter of “The Psychology of Genocide.”

Hosted by Jean Bennett, Dean of Capilano University, Sunshine Coast Campus. Presentation is free.

Registration is required: Call 604 886 2130.

For further information, including speaker biographies and a complete list of Capilano Universe presentations, visit www.capilanou.ca/universe.

March 17th – Go Green on St. Patrick’s Day @ the Library 1:00pm to 3:00pm.

Go Green irishon St. Patrick’s Day.  Wear a green ‘something’ (hat, shirt, coat) and bring your own tea cup to the Library and we will serve you a nice cup of Irish Tea and maybe a piece of soda bread too.  Sit and sip while the Coast String Fiddlers serenade with lively Irish music. And, the Sunshine Coast Arbutus Sounds Chorus will sing so sweetly they will surely bring a tear to your eye (so they will). Come to the library on Saturday March 17th to share the fun on St. Patrick’s Day.

While you’re here, check out books by Irish authors; chances are, great reads await you.

The Public ...

... (Library)?

The Library recently completed a community survey. As I’ve been looking over the preliminary data I must say, one or two things have popped out, one surprising, one not.  I’m going to discuss the “one not” and save the surprising one as a surprise, for another time.


There appears to be a general consensus among the library community surveyed: people want the library to offer more movies.  Unfortunately this does not come as a surprise, and I will refrain from my usual tirade regarding the demise of the written word as our society’s recreational escape mode ...  We (the Library) currently have approximately 1,800 movie titles. This represents about 4% of our collection.   This 4% circulated 68,743 times in 2011 – did you read that number correctly? – sixty eight thousand DVD loans.  That works out to about 230 movie loans per day.  We (the library) loaned more DVDs last year than we loaned non-fiction books, that includes really great cookbooks, 2011’s travel guides, how to fix your lawn mower, your boat engine, your marriage ...

Should we purchase more movies and if so, based on what criteria? Should the name of the Library change to reflect a change in collection priorities?

But, (big but) perhaps the survey data is not reflecting such a dire community perspective.  I’m going to put on my rosy tinted spectacles.  If we have 1,800 movies in our collection and we loan out about 230 per day for 3 day loans then approximately 40% of the entire collection is out of the Library when Jane or Joe Library-User is searching for a movie to take home.   That may in fact lead to the belief on Jane or Joe’s part that the Library’s movie collection is in dire need of well, movies.

I’m hopeful that if everyone were to understand how many DVDs are on loan at any one time, and that the movies on loan are most probably the latest, newest, greatest – well, perhaps everyone may resort to borrowing a book – chances are very good that they will find several of the latest, newest, greatest available on the shelf.  If however, spreading the word on the “real” number of movies available in the collection doesn’t do the trick, we may have to bite the ol’bullet and re-examine the purchasing criteria.  So, spread the numbers, we’ll see where it takes us.

And remember as J. W. Eagan once said "Never judge a book by its movie."

Gibsons Library has it Going On!

The Doc's Side

February dull? Not so!
See what’s going on at gibson.bclibrary.ca. This month (so far) we have had the Mainil Room full with interesting events. Eric J. Paetkau, author of “The Doc’s Side” brought gales of laughter to his audience with clever and historical stories of his life as a Doctor on the Sunshine Coast. Stories galore and book signing both a big hit.

Aspire program

Niv Harris
, Director of Aspire Self Employment Program spent 2 hours in deep discussion with a group of potential entrepreneurs. When Niv asked if they would like a break during the session, they declined; that’s the spirit. Self-starters already!

ICBC was back! Again, with Brian Soles, Sunshine Coast ICBC road test specialist, for the fourth time, in as many months, explaining how Seniors can prepare for a Re-Test road test. This presentation was so well attended Brian suggested we run it again in May 2012. Watch the Coast Reporter for the ads. (Sorry to the ladies looking for a nice cup of tea on that rainy afternoon; the Tea Service was not in operation that day – maybe next time. Where did I put that tea trolley?)

And (baby) it is cold out there ... so the Gibsons Library Staff and Volunteers who worked on Thursday February 9th joined in the SCRD sponsored campaign to Turn Down the Heat and Turn Up Your Sweater by wearing their sweaters for warmth at work as part of the action on climate change. (Even the statue of Captain George Gibson was ‘sweatered’ up in a bright red cardigan. Way to go George ...)

Stay tuned for bikers, writers, travelers, beauty tippers and storytellers.

Check it out - gibsons.bclibrary.ca

And Remember to RSVP for everylittlething @ 604.886.2130
Hello from Lynda Kennedy!  As the new Outreach and Community Partnership Coordinator, I look forward to continuing the tradition of connecting you to the world of culture, knowledge and ideas with every topic under the (Gibsons Library) sun. Literacy week

January 2012 blasted off with activity!  First up, Seniors and ICBC came together to fill the Mainil Room for a lively conversation on Seniors Driver’s licence Re-Examinations.  Next, the Library participated in the Sunshine Coast Literacy Week; we read our favourite authors at a Reading Party.

We learned technical details on Self-Publishing with author M.A. Demers ...self-publishing

Savage ChickensWe ended on a comical note, finding our inner creativity to write cartoons with author, Doug Savage

One meeting room, many authors, great audiences (you), many shared stories, and much laughter!

February is a month to pay attention to mind, body and spirit with authors, entrepreneurs, teachers, cyclists, writers and spiritualists.  Join us:

  • Feb. 1st 6:00pm-7:30 p.m. Join Eric Paetkau, author of The Doc’s Side Tales of a Sunshine Coast Doctor for an evening of author reading and book signing.

  • Feb. 4th 1:00-3:00 p.m. Come and learn important “Tips for Being Your Own Boss” with Niv Harris, Director of the Aspire Self Employment Program.

  • Feb 18th 1:00-3:00 p.m. Join Registered Clinical Counselor and author, Marshall Veal, for a free introductory talk on Narrative Life Enrichment and share your life stories.

  • Feb 22nd 6 -7:30 p.m.  (*please note corrected event time*) Experience the thrill of world cycling trips with Randonee Tours; see their stunning slide show of cycling around the world.

  • Feb 28th Join Penny Allport for a journey through the ancient art of storytelling and experiential inquiry based on Western European teaching story, The Six Servants.

Stay connected to Gibsons and District Public Library: 604 886 2130 or lkennedy@gibsons.bclibrary.ca

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A small-town, public library blog where fiction and non-fiction intermingle in the stacks, and, occasionally, characters emerge from between the rows and wander up to the circulation counter to chat or sign out books.

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